Making Photo Zines

Zines are self-published printed works produced by creative people to convey ideas through images and/or words. Some the most forward-thinking and provocative areas of current photographic practice can be found in the photo-zine. Zines as printed matter are in some ways more accessible and democratic than photobooks

This class invites lens-based artists to publish their work through this more experimental approach. This weekend workshop will teach the basics of creating and publishing your own zine. We will consider zine history, inspiration, and planning. We will start with handmade zine techniques moving to breaking down the components for creating elegant and readable layouts using Adobe InDesign as the primary tool. This class covers document setup, placing and styling text, typography, working with images, creating a cover, imposition and preparation of the book for print.

Who Should Take This Class

Photographers and artists who would like to explore their work to explore in design layouts, both conceptually and visually. Part one of this workshop will focus on editing an existing body of work so it is advisable to have project or sequence to experiment with.

Length of Course

12 Hours over Two Weekends.

Date and Times

December 5th 2020
December 12th 2020
10am to 3pm EST (3pm to 8pm GMT)


Have a body of work, ready for editing and sequencing.

Artist, Photographer, Designer, Photo Editor

Fabiana Sala


Fabiana Sala

Fabiana Sala was born in Varese, Italy in 1988. She moved to Lugano to attend The Swiss University of Art and Design (SUPSI). After graduation with a BA in Visual Communication, she collaborated with Theredbox Communication Design in Lugano (CH) where she assisted the Art director Alberto Bianda working on: the catalogue of Carrà’s Landscapes 1921-1964 (the first retrospective put on by a Swiss museum) and Visti&Scritti, by the Magnum photographer Ferdinando Scianna.

In collaboration with The World press photographer Alessio Romenzi, she did the graphic of the event “Syria, a forgotten war”, a Lecture by Alessio Romenzi. In 2013 she moved to Boston where she studied photography with Rania Matar at Massart (Massachusetts College of Art and Design).

Fabiana’s work has been featured in,, BuzzFeed and in several group shows including Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery, International Center of Photography
(New York), Lorimoto Gallery (New York), A.I.R. Gallery (New York), Photoville (New York), China International Photography Festival, Pingyao (China), Kimmel Galleries, New York University (New York) and Triennale di Milano (Italy)

Fabiana Sala is graduated from the Photojournalism and Documentary program at the International Centre of Photography and she is currently based in Berlin and New York, where she’s working at EyeEm and at The International Centre of Photography.

A photography zine is a tool that photographers can use to tell a visual story, to inform an audience about a specific topic or issue, to showcase and advertise a new idea or simply create a preview of an ongoing project

Why Take This Class

Students will benefit in the following ways


Value for Money
Book Arts
Make a Zine
Personal Growth


Interested students
Beginner to Advanced
Interested in Editing and Sequencing