About Screen Arts

Visual Storytelling at the Intersection of Art and Technology

Screen Arts School is not simply “another online school”. We are a gathering place for filmmakers, photographers, storytellers, artists and other likeminded people interested in making meaningful media.

We aim to create an inclusive, open-minded, global online community. In addition to offering great classes and diverse programming through an understanding of various art forms, Screen Arts invites members to actively, engage, interact and network with one another, both on our platform and at our global online events.

Our strategic affiliate partnerships present both, scholarship opportunities and platforms for our members to showcase their work, across extensive mediums online and beyond.

Our focus is on educating online, dynamically, through various mediums. We are constantly striving for new and innovative ways to connect.¬† Our instructors come from a plethora of backgrounds, from experienced educators and artists to industry professionals, enabling us to tailor courses to individual’s requirements. Our courses are suitable for academic, professional, and personal development.

Make and Explore Meaningful and Inclusive Visual Media through Live Online Classes

Screen Arts is the brainchild of Elizabeth Kilroy and Daniel Dwyer, aunt and nephew. After years of discussion and various ideas being thrown back and forth at various family gatherings, they have decided that the time has finally come for a call to action!

Both have extensive backgrounds and are passionate about all things Education, Arts, and Technology. They are excited to showcase that passion in the form of Screen Arts School and welcome you to join them in their new adventure.