Screen Arts School & Daniele Longo Present

A modular system for learning photography from beginner to advanced.

Modular Learning

The ZONE is a personalized modular system for learning photography. Everyone interested in up-skilling or specializing can find a relevant class. The beauty of ZONE resides in its modularity and open flexibility.

Build Your Own Program

Students build their own program based on personal skills and needs. Avoid spending time and money following a course where much of the content is known, or of little interest.

One-On-One Coaching

The ZONE approach allows students to choose their path, from a single 1-hour class on a specific technique to a two-year program. Start at the beginning or choose when to join.

The freedom is in your hands.

Live Classes

We believe in Live Education and building communities of like-minded people. That is why the ZONE is delivered live; participants connect remotely joining interactive classes. One-on-One personal coaching is the epicenter of our teaching practice.

Explore a Unique, Personalized Approach to Learning Photography

One-on-One personal coaching is the epicenter of our teaching practice; students are followed and individually guided through their learning. Live online instruction everytime.

Meet Daniele Longo

The Zone is designed by Daniele Longo and presented by Screen arts School.

Daniele Longo is a photographer and a former professor who returned to art-making in 2021 after a 20 years career as a commercial photographer. His work is a product of introspection through which Daniele presents new ways of understanding familiar subjects. His latest work, Mimesis, received early acclaim including the shortlist of a Lenscratch gallery exhibition.

As Head of Faculty at South Seas Film and Television School and Yoobee Colleges Daniele developed curricula for multiple undergrad programs. He is now teaching and running workshops through several educational platforms as well as individual mentorship programs.


Through Guided Classes and Mentorship Build Your Own Photo Book With Customized Chapters

Some classes cover more theoretical aspects; others are full hands-on workshops yet, all are interactive.

For those who choose to participate in a complete chapter, there are guided viewing sessions in which works from other students are shared and given feedback on.

We believe in empowering people.