I think my biggest takeaway from this class is that there is indeed a steep learning curve that we have to commit to if we want to achieve impact with photography. A lot of the learning curve is tech related but a lot is philosophical. How do we think about the art we make in order to have an impact, etc. Without committing to a learning curve, we risk making less impactful work.

Wesley, USA.

This idea of experimenting to see what could work is very freeing and exciting. Less pushing towards the “right answer” and more open and engaged with the story and how you can create an experience of it!

Benjamin, USA.

At the end of 2020, I was able to participate in a series of lectures at the American school @ screenarts.school. Thanks for this opportunity @fotodemic and @yurenev.
For five weeks, we were going to zoom. About 50 participants from different countries. For me, this was the first experience of lectures on media from a foreign school. Indeed, even in the zoom format, everything was very different from our schools. Maybe my match with the “local” lectures did not work out, but apparently, not only for me. The first thing I would like to note right away is the openness of all participants and moderators. Everything is kind and humane. Lectures are given by Fred Ritchin. An absolutely cool man. Former dean of @icp School, author of books, professor, editor and just a super person.
Our lecture series was called Images and Ideas. All lectures were about the digital environment and the impact on us and what we convey through images and projects. How often speculation with images is carried out, how all our social networks can now influence and deceive us. But of course, change and help us. About responsibility, about the code of what we do. About poetry, Zen and that artwork could be more documentary.All this is about a barely visible revolution in the media environment. After all, we are all so immersed that we do not see the whole picture. But this is a large part of us now.
I really want say thanks to @screenarts.school for this 5weeks. Remotely, but very close. Thanks Fred, and @wandalice and @danihasacamera that let us all get together. All in our hands, let’s create and observe during this renaissance time.Thanks to you all for sharing your stories.

—Nadia, Russia.

Thanks for the great mind-broadening workshop. This class/workshop has been an amazing, eye-opening experience for me. Thanks Fred and everyone for all the new ideas, possibilities, and interaction. Hope to remain in touch!

Scarlett, USA.

I might tattoo “do the work”

Lucy, England

Thank you so much Fred and the team at Screen Arts School. This was AWESOME!

Rahul, India.

Thanks all for this incredible class. Fred, Elizabeth, Dani and Wanda. And thank you all for sharing thoughts and ideas. All the best

Sebastián, Colombia.

Thank you so much for this series. Such a wonderful experience. Really meaningful to me.

Glynis, USA.

Thank you very much Fred, Elizabeth for these enriching and intense sessions, Dani and Wanda thanks for your help organizing things and plans, and thanks everybody for your contributions, questions, ideas…hope to keep having these important conversations and turn them more into creation and action… un gran abrazo and best for you all.

Oscar, Venezuala.

Thanks for a great class! Gives me lots of ideas how to put my work into context. All the best to everyone!

Gundrun, USA.

I really enjoyed the screenwriting course. Even though I can see all (actually not all just a lot so far) of my sins and transgressions in screenwriting in full view as a result. It was really helpful. I didn’t realise it would be such an interactive process. A lovely bunch from a wide variety of backgrounds too. Mark covered the ground swiftly but without haste. So a lot packed into the couple of hours!

Tom, Ireland.

I thought this was a fantastic class, especially as a novice. Mark’s lessons were clear and easy to follow and seemed to work well for multiple people at different skill levels.

Stacy, USA.