Still Life Chapter

Thinking about becoming a professional Still Life Photographer? Then Zone III is your zone. In this chapter, we will explore the most common still life challenges.

From shooting mannequins to full-on advert-editorial, we’ll cover all styles and approaches. We will teach you how to interpret objects to photograph them in the best possible way. This is a unique eight weeks hands-on live program with mentorship, guiding you at every step.

The Zone III  program consists of four live lectures, six live tutorials, six live shooting sessions in which you produce work with the assistance of your mentor, six reviews, and three one-on-one sessions with your mentor.

Knowledge, practice, guidance, and reviews!

What is Offered

Zone III offers a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects. Our is a hands-on course during which students produce photographic work. Students’ work is reviewed collectively which helps improve knowledge and visual acumen. Students will also be guided by a personal mentor, to further maximize their learning.

Exploring All Aspects of Still Life Photography – Zone III

This is Your Zone

Theoretical Elements

Still Life, a sum of shapes and textures
-How camera angles, lens choice, and distance to the subject influence the final image
-Getting the right texture at all times
-Lighting methods
-Different needs, different approaches
-Still Life for Editorial, Advertising, and Catalog.
-Compositions and depth accordingly to styles
-Dot, Line, and Plane, understanding how to use graphic elements to your advantage
-Johannes Itten Colour Theory and its application
-Background choices, material, and colors
-How to create a balanced image at all times

Six Shooting Demos and Exercises

-Still Life Lighting Fundamentals
-Shooting Mannequin Photography
-Cut Out – Still Life Table
-Shooting a transparent object – water Bottle
-Shooting reflective object – jewelry
-Shooting your Project

Review, Critique and Mentorship

-Review and feedback session for all the photo created during the workshops
-Three One-on-One session with your mentor