Visual Grammer and Aesthetics Chapter

Learn how to create consistent striking images to tell your story in this unique five weeks hands-on live online program, with mentors guiding you at every step.  Zone II is designed to help you create photos with intention. Communicating through an image is very much like speaking a new language. With the proper grammar and aesthetics, your work has the potential to  become more powerful and emotionally charged.  In this Zone, you will learn the fundamentals to communicate clearly with your work, irrespective of the photo genre.

From camera angles to color theory and graphic elements, you will learn how to structure your compositions.  This chapter will boost your confidence and make you a better photographer.

The Zone II  program consists of four live lectures, four live shooting sessions in which you produce work with the assistance of your mentor, four reviews/critiques, and a one-on-one session with your mentor.

Knowledge, practice, guidance, and reviews!

What is Offered

Zone II offers a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects. Our is a hands-on course during which students produce photographic work. Students’ work is reviewed collectively which helps improve knowledge and visual acumen. Students will also be guided by a personal mentor, to further maximize their learning.

Getting Started With Digital Workflow – Zone 1

This is Your Zone

Theoretical Elements

-Photography as a language
-Explaining  visual grammar
-Starting with why?
-Action and effect
-Empowering the viewer vs Empowering the subjects
-Compositions and depth
-Dot, Line, and Plane, understanding how to use graphic elements to your advantage
-Johannes Itten Colour Theory and its application
-Back to front, beyond the subject
-How to create a balanced image at all times

Four Shooting Demos and Exercises

-My Neighbourhood
-Writing With Colours
-Dot Line and Plane
-Market Shoot

Review, Critique and Mentorship

-Review and feedback session for all the photo created during the workshops
-A final One-on-One session with your mentor