Digital Workflow Chapter

5 Hours Over Two Days


1. 1 Thursday, October 7th 
1, 2 Saturday, October  9th

10 am- noon EST
9 am -noon EST

Zone I is a live introduction to the best digital workflow practices.

Establishing a consistent workflow is an essential part of digital photography. Having a good workflow will help ensure that you handle your images well and that you don’t miss any important processing steps. After you have taken your photo, you need to catalog and process it.

Only $30. Free if you sign up for a second course.

We offer this class for the low introductory offer of $30 as a foundation course and introduction to the Zone system. Students who continue with the Zone system will have this fee refunded when they sign up for a second session. Registration is required.

What is Offered

Together, we will explore the most reliable execution for shooting both on location and in the studio, how to store, handle, organize and retouch your files.

Getting Started With Digital Workflow – Zone 1

This is Your Zone

ZONE 1.1

-Workflow for success
-The whys no one talks about
-How much to shoot
-Saving Your Work

ZONE 1.2

-More on the whys no one talks about
-Live Retouching of Student Work

ZONE 1.3

-Additional Photoshop Tutorials provided as an add-on

1. 1Thursday, October 7th
1. 2 Saturday, October  9th

10 am- noon EST
9 am -noon EST