Image Based-Strategies for Social Change
Group Show 2021
Check out the work from the graduates of the 2021 Class
Image-based Strategies for Social Change

Congratulations to our first class who graduated in May 2021 and represented 11 different countries. New program 2022.

Started April 2nd, 2021 and Ended May 2021

2021 Online Certificate Program

Congratualtions to our first graduating class. The program completed in May 2021 and will be offered again in 2022

Welcome to Image Cafe
Congratualtions to our first graduating class. The program completed in May 2021 and will be offered again in 2022
A New Way of Making Meaningful Work
Image-based Strategies for Social Change
Congratualtions to our first graduating class. The program completed in May 2021 and will be offered again in 2022

2021 Online Certificate Program
Applications open

Deadline for applications to be considered for scholarships: Friday March 19th, 2021 – 11.59pm EST Time

Congratualtions to our first graduating class. The program completed in May 2021 and will be offered again in 2022.

Please visit the online gallery group show to see the work of the first graduating class.

Screen Arts School and Image Cafe, together with Dean Emeritus Fred Ritchin, are delighted to announce our first online certificate program, Image-based Strategies For Social Change, a two-month deep-dive into visual storytelling, which will take place in April 2021.

The program begins with a two-week intensive seminar and technical workshops, then a four-week period to create projects working closely with individual mentors, Debi Cornwall, Monica Alcazar Duarte, and Kent Klich, and workshops and mentorships over the last two weeks learning how to best design and present one’s work. Outside guests will be invited periodically both to speak and to critique student work

Scroll all the way down for the full course outline.

Applications are now closed for our first program. Thanks to all who applied. We will run the program again in the future.

This is an intensive program for people from around the world interested in affecting social change through the use of images. It emphasizes innovative strategies made possible by the digital revolution, new forms of engagement among image-makers, their subjects and readers, and a discussion of strategies to best impact society with one’s work.

Space for 12 students.


Cost, Application Information, and Scholarships

Thanks to everyone who applied. Scholarships have now been awarded.

Image Cafe is delighted to announce ONE full scholarship for tuition-free participation.

Image Cafe and FOTODEMIC are delighted to announce TWO partial scholarships for reduced tuition participation. This is a competitive, needs-based, merit scholarship where your application, reference, and admission portfolio will be reviewed in comparison to other applicants.

Full Tuition Costs are $2100.00 for all seminars, mentorship, workshops, labs, and final presentations, and can be paid monthly, over two months.

To apply for a scholarship please present a portfolio showcasing a self directed personal project, in progress. The project should demonstrate powerful and meaningful intent in visual storytelling, and benefit from an intense program and mentorship to help propel it forward.

Your portfolio should reflect stories that you are currently working on. We’re looking for all kinds of applicants who would like to make a difference. Applicants should be ready and willing to push their project forward, in whatever medium you choose to work in.
Applications are now closed.

Key Dates

Applications are now closed and our first class will begin on April 2nd with a meet and greet.

Start Date: April 2nd 2021
Class Start Date: April 5th 2021
Class End Dates: May 24th 2021
End Date:  May 28th 2021

Course Outline

Week 1

The program starts with a meet and greet. Students will be introduced to the teachers and mentors and each other.



April 2nd


Seminar Class on Monday/Wednesday/Friday with Fred Ritchin. Six in total.


April 5th through April 16th

Technical Workshops

Three technical workshops in writing, sound and video will occur on the Tuesdays and Thursdays.



April 5th through April 16th


Groups of 4 work for four weeks with three mentors.




April 19th through May 14th


Get-together for all of us on the first Monday of week 7


May 17th

Presentation Stratagies

Design workshop


May 18th, 19th, 20th

Final Presentations

Last meeting and presentation of final projects.


May 28th