Foundation Chapter

The three two hour classes are now over. The full class videos are available for review.

Original Dates:
Zone 0 – 0.1 Mon. September 6th
Zone 0 – 0.2 Thurs. September 9th
Zone 0 – 0.3 Sat. September 11th

These classes are over.

Join Zone 0 to learn or refresh your knowledge of the most common fundamentals of photographic tools and techniques

If you are new to photography, ZONE 0 is a must! The content of this chapter will set you on your path to becoming an excellent amateur or professional photographer. Learn the building blocks and progress through all the chapters in the Zone System.

This course covers fundamentals from exposure to camera controls, from lenses to the flashlight, and introduces you to studio gear.

Vdeos from this six hour class are available for review.

We offer this class as a foundation course and introduction to the Zone system. Students who complete the course and continue with the Zone system can take  Zone I for only $30 and receive a 15% discount for subsequent Zones. Registration is required.

What is Offered

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one. At Zone, we have done this for you!

We also accompany you each step of the way with live lectures, tutorials, one-on-one mentoring, and portfolio reviews. Divided into three paragraphs, this chapter, covers all photography, lighting and studio fundamentals.

Getting Started With Zone 0

This is Your Zone

ZONE 0.1

-Camera Essentials
-Sensors Size and Technology
-Crop Factor Explained
-Stop Explained
-Shutter Speed
-Depth of Field
-Freezing Images
-Long Shutter Speed

ZONE 0.2

-How to choose a camera
-DSLR Pros and Cons
-Mirrorless Pros and Cons
-Digital Back and MF camera
-Sensor Technology
-Diffraction and Pixel Size
-Lenses Explained
-Lenses and their Visual Effects
-Five different way to do Macro Photography
-Tele Converters, Filters, and Lens Accessories
-Tripods Heads

ZONE 0.3

-Lighting Foundation
-Mono Light
-Continuous Light
-Shaping Light
-Mix Lighting
-How to do Backgrounds
-Hand-Held Exposure Meters
-Rigging tips